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Get your attention? :lol:

I've (hastily) set up a site with 3 Vice City videos that I made with my brother, Jaffo.


Martha's Greatest Hits is the first stunt video we did. It's all in MTA. I did all the filmin' and Jaffo did most of the stuntin'. It's okay, good for giggles. Nothing too great.

Because, It's Midnite is the second stunt video we did. There's quite a bit of single player stunts but a few MTA ones too.

Movin' Out is a music video I made because I was really bored and had Billy Joel's song of the same title stuck in my head. It was a lot of fun to make. :)

(Yes, I'm aware that I didn't use the best representation of a Cadillac. I'm not a car girl, sorry.) :P

Have a look if you'd like. Hope you enjoy them.

If not, I'm sorry. They were made for my own amusement anyway. :wink:

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I'm sorry if they are too big for you. I'm guessing you're on 56k?

Maybe the download was interupted?

Do you have a program to unzip rar files?

Otherwise I have no idea why they'd do that.

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You showed of to be full of potential but you didn't quite work it out just yet. :lol: I'd like to see more of you but then you need to come up with some better idea's and better stunts. Don't get me wrong, because you did some serious nice stunts (2100 degree spin) but most of 'm was crap.

And you shouldn't record ingame sound either.

But as mentioned before you got alot of potential of being a great videomaker. 8)

BTW are you a girl? Just interested. :)

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BTW are you a girl? Just interested. :)

Yup, I am. :D

And you all see a lot of stunt videos so I kinda expected that kind of reaction. :P

What's wrong with recording the sound? I think it makes it a little less boring. Thanks for taking a look though.

Those videos should be under 5 megs..! :shock:

5 megs?! Bah. I like my videos to be at a high enough quality that they aren't a pixelated mess. :P:wink:

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5 megs?! Bah. I like my videos to be at a high enough quality that they aren't a pixelated mess. :P:wink:

You said it girl! I also keep my quality up. I prefer better quality over small-seize! (But there is a line... like at 191 MB!!) 8)

By the way my next vid is along way now and it's gonna contain some extremely long/hard/amazing grinds! So for you grindlovers out there this is one to keep an eye at. :D

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Yes DivX owns. You are right about that one. :D

But is decompressing something you need so badly? If alot of the quality of a video is lost I think it's not wise to downseize it further.

I think you mean "compressing", not "decompressing"...


I've reduced 150 meg videos down to 10 meg videos with compression!

And there's know noticable quality difference.


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- The term for vids is encoding, not compressing.

- Anything below 700kbps @640x480 will look shitty, anything above 1900kbps will bloat the filesize up without any noticeable gain in image clarity.

- DivX encoding with 5.1 takes fuc,king hours for me even in single pass. Like 3hrs for a 700meg 90min AVI, when anything about 1hr is just not acceptable (at least on a new PC like mine), so "faster, better and more improved than 5.0.3" my ass. I dunno why this is happenin', but I'm beginning to hate it and I'm slowly switchin to XviD. Plus that fokn update screen is just superfluous. No1 cares what the vectors in each P Frame are compared to the previous one FFS.

- Haven't seen the vids myself yet.

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