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MTASA Blue screen of death?

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I'm posting this here, cause it is related to MTA:SA. I was going about, just finishing installing MTA, and a video on youtube, when my computer crashed, and i got a BSOD, Caused by "FairplayKD.sys" Which i tracked back to a file in MTA. I'm not sure if it'll cause another BSOD or not, but i was wondering if anyone else here has had that happen before.

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This is what i was able to find, the Driver verifier is causing me to Blue screen... Anyone know why exactly?

PC Specs as follows

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Intel Core 2 duo 3.0Ghz

4GB Ram

Nvidia 8600GT


I was able to shut off Driver Verifier, and launch MTA:SA without a BSOD. but, that still doesnt explain why FairplayKD.sys was causing a crash.

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Yes that's problem on mtasa i played this and boom FairPlayKd.sys 

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Happened to me and my friend too multiple times within two days, still happening. Our names and binds reset too.

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