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Dreamcast Emulator: Chankast


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Well, whats to say. This great emulator has been released and it plays dc games now. You can grab the Emu/Bios in this zip. The rest is up to you guys. And yes, it does run commercial agmes if you rip them with Alcohol 120%.


You can find some screenshots at this link.


Post some shots here if you find them.

BTW: Warning to 56k users to that shots link. Its not in links, it shows them straight on the page, and there are a lot.

(and yes, i was said i could re-open this topic :D)

EDIT: I forgot to say this. DO NOT ask where to find dreamcast games or pm me about it and stuff. I will NOT tell you where to get the games for this. All i can say is that they NEED to be self-booting cd-images (like .nrg, .cdi, etc) mounted on to Alcohol 120% (Daemon Tools works too, but Alcohol's works better with this)

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Heh, that's just like the Emu scene over @ Emutalk.net sinkin their teeth into some new emu SW :). Gotta say, it looks impressive enough even in its alpha stage of development! Now if only as much progress were made for the GameCube...

Last time I remember seeein so many pics in a single thread over there was a few years back in the "known GFX issues" for Project64 (which I think is kinda discontinued now :().

Anyway, thx for the newsflash Posty and a nice reason for me to revisit old places n' forums. Didn't know you posted there either :P.

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