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Hi everyone, Im setting up my server when I remember about all these top-notch cool scripts I can get.

I see the codes quoted on pages, BUT. How do I install/get them to work on my server?

I have MTA MIRC admin thing.

Thanks in advance.

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A short manual for: "How to do admin possibilities in game"?

1. Download & install MTA Client http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=60

2. Download & install MTA Server http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=66


3. Download & install mIRC http://www.mirc.com

4. Download & install MTA:mA http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=69

5. In mIRC go to 'Scripts Editor'

6. Select tab 'Remote'

7. Create new script (Menu==>'File'==>'New')

8. Paste this script:

alias mta.pm {
if ($3- == admin ) {
 mta.say $1 Admin rights given to $mta.name($1-2)
 writeini $+(",$nofile($script(mta.mrc)),$1.ini") ID $+ $2 op 1
alias mta.text {
if ($readini($nofile($script(mta.mrc)) $+ $1.ini,ID $+ $2,op)) {
 if ($3 == !kick) mta.kick $1 $4
 if ($3 == !ban) mta.ban $1 $4


9. Replace with the password you want.

10. Join you server.

11. Type "/msg admin "

12. If the password is correct you see the msg: "Admin rights given to "

13. Now you can run the commands that are between the brackets. like "!kick " or "!ban " Normal user who didn't login can't do this.

Edit: I edited the script if the file wasn't in the same directory as mta.mrc it still works...

Read other topics... like this http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=8247

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