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You really ought to buy VC. You'll see a world of difference :)

Or just wait until 0.4 comes out.

Some of us like to play GTA3 still...


Oh, don't get me wrong - I much prefer GTA 3 to Vice. I don't play it because:

1) Starting a game is hideously long-winded

2) It's buggy (way more so than VC - as you'd expect from an older client)

3) There's hardly anyone playing it (according to ASE)

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Because now that you've played Vice, when you get your first experience on GTA 3 you're going to think "Wow, this sucks."

I dunno... the two completely different time periods make the two games totally different. I see VC as a complement to GTA3, rather than a replacement.

And you never know, Ape may prefer GTA3. I do because it's a darker and more serious game. Plus there's way too much pink in VC.

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the storyline and gameplay (although you have choppers and bikes in vice) are better. and the map is also a few times better then the vice city one.

That probably has a lot to do with the amount of time that they spent on GTA3. Didn't they only spend about a year on VC?

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