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Can you use 3D Analyzer with MTA?

Guest Spindeln

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Well, 3D Analyzer is a program that can make Bat files so that games go faster, you can like Force windowed and stuff, but when you select the EXE, you cant select the bat =/

Are there any workaround for this?

Or maybe you could make so you can select both gta-vc.exe and gta-vc.bat or something like that, cheers

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Sometimes programs run a file and grab its handle to perform API calls on it. If so, setting it to a .bat file wouldn't work (you'd have to search for the window handle = unnecessary).

Anyway, I can't see how 3D Analyzer (hideous spelling btw) can speed up games (and if it makes a large difference could this be counted as cheating like the frame limiter?).

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I don't really know what you're talking about, but I'd imagine that both this program and MTA work in the same way, so they won't work at once. They probably both use CreateProcesss so that they can inject their own code to override the full screen aspect, concequently both apps can't create the process, only one or the other.


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