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My MTA:VC 0,1 Movie

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Okay it was way to repretitive. :? The only things in it where stunts at the malibu and at the swimmingpool. There was no stunt that you landed and it woulnd't have mattered anyway, because none of the stuntingplaces were good enough. :cry:

And then there is an another thing: In the outro you say "This took alot of time so hope you enjoyed it"! Man what's up with that! :x I can make such a vid in 15 minutes. (And that's no lie).

As for the quality of the vid: I started out to be a very good quality but after 15 seconds it started to look like some pixelmachine had run over it. :lol:

But there were some good factors in it though. ---> First of is that I really liked the music. It fitted the 'stunts' quite well and was nice to listin 2. :)

And secondly I liked the textmessages. Some dudes were talking French if I'm right and it was nice to see the good old 0.1 textbox itself. :D

Overall I'll give it a 6/10, because I've seen worse. :lol: And if this was your first video it would be slightly higher.

It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. :D But keep up the good work and keep 'm coming. 8)

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Okey, it wasnt meent to be a stunt movie, as u see on the name. Anyhow i made it many years ago and im better now (I hope) I i took hell alot time to compress it.. and cut out the scenes and so on, especially the first time..

And yea its my first movie, anyhow i have removed it from the server, I need the space better..

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