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Gta San Andreas pics

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to every 1 who loves gta and cant wait for more screenies

i have done some research and found more screenies

even when carl johnson fat lol

eatin to much dohgnuts

http://www.freewebs.com/nickboner/gtasa ... nshots.htm

theres plenty more screenies to view

have fun and dont 4get who told u


thats a car


carl johnson skinny


carl johnson fat


interior house




car jacking


house jacking

theres a couple more but i cant b botherd to post them!!!

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it works perfectly on my cpu and my friends pu so it must work

and now i finally post somthing good

It works fine on mine. I have, however, seen these hundreds of times before on other sites though.

some ppl have only seen 3 official pics now i have shown u the other pics they didnt release

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You're right...

But they're really small, can't see anything.

i know bloody crap pics i hope a video preview comes out soon

hey how did gta gaming get these pics they are the only ppl who have these pics do u fink they have the game or sumffin and they are havin fun playin the game while all of us cant wait to steal bmx's and still a car with your gang lol jus imagine

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i wish i could get the first video and i woz there to tell all you guyz it would be a exclusive

seeing the man ryding the bmx lol

the name Carl Johnson its like Curtis Jackson (50 cent)

both CJ's

that could mean that 50 cent iz the main player???



if you look around the gta gaming pics u can see that they took a pic of the screen a tv screen playing the game??

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