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VCSL Service and Kill DJ GTA vol.3

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Vice City Stunt Library:

vcsl is a place were you can upload your videos or pictures for free and have them displayed. Are server is located in the U.S and the download speed is Blazing fast. The uploader has a 150 Mb limit on it, but I doubt there will be a video that big. The web site is :

http://www.vcsl.co.nr (might change to a .com, you will be notified if it does)

and the uploader is located here


and there is no need to sign up. also I regular check the files.

note: Don't download anything off the uploader site unless you know what there are vcsl doesn't take any responsibility if anything happens to you computer. double check the download site for safer files.

Just enjoy the free uploader and service, that what am here for :D


and now:

Kill DJ GTA vol.3

Yes am finally done Kill DJ GTA vol.3

you can download it here:


its 90 mb and 8 mins long

please post comments about the movie and the site.


P.S if anyone wants a job at vcsl pm for more infomation.

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well Im d/l at 105 KB/sec so the connection is good :P


well I didn't liked the vid very much because the intro part was way 2 long.

it was a bit boring cause the killing wasn't very impressive and 2 long, and the driving was a bit 2 long.

The stunts didn't impresse me to cuz, the mostm tricks and spots where already seen and done.

And to be honest the most stunts where crappy 2.

The storry was funny, but it was not special. and the story is a bit lame at the end.

the end of the story looks a bit quic made. but I think you really put some time in that vid.

the editing was good, no complains about that and the music was good 2.

it fitted in the vid only sometimes it wasn't syngronisised ( dunno if i spelled it right :P ) with the stunts

for the stunts a 4.5/10

the editing a 8/10

the music a 7.5/10

and the story a 7/10

so overall I would give it a 7/10 not bad, but it could be better 8)

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i allready watched the movie before, and i think the story isn't that good, liked the one from vol.2 more, your stunts (won't rate my own) were prety good, and to that person that said that all the spots were allready used in other movies: duh, there's no good unused stuntplace left =/

anyway, i would give it a 8.9/10

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