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Game Administration "IN GAME"

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I'm sorry if this has been covered but I'm finding it impossible to find information on ingame admin commands.

Is the only way to admin a server via the MTA Server Admin Tool or can I run commands while playing within the game?

If anyone has any info on this please help asap :D

Thanks again,

- Sidekick 8)

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The server and client dont have built in ingame admin along the lines of halflifes /rcon no. There are however many ways of doing it using the official outsourced addon MTAMA (MTA mIRC Admin). This was developed by Aeron with lots of nagging from myself. Check its threads above for information and specific ingame admin scripts.

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A short manual for: "How to do admin possibilities in game"?

1. Download & install MTA Client http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=60

2. Download & install MTA Server http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=66


3. Download & install mIRC http://www.mirc.com

4. Download & install MTA:mA http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=69

5. In mIRC go to 'Scripts Editor'

6. Select tab 'Remote'

7. Create new script (Menu==>'File'==>'New')

8. Paste this script:

alias mta.pm {
if ($3- == admin ) {
 mta.say $1 Admin rights given to $mta.name($1-2)
 writeini $+(",$nofile($script(mta.mrc)),$1.ini") ID $+ $2 op 1
alias mta.text {
if ($readini($nofile($script(mta.mrc)) $+ $1.ini,ID $+ $2,op)) {
 if ($3 == !kick) mta.kick $1 $4
 if ($3 == !ban) mta.ban $1 $4


9. Replace with the password you want.

10. Join you server.

11. Type "/msg admin "

12. If the password is correct you see the msg: "Admin rights given to "

13. Now you can run the commands that are between the brackets. like "!kick " or "!ban " Normal user who didn't login can't do this.

Edit: I edited the script if the file wasn't in the same directory as mta.mrc it still works...

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it isn't a part of mtama but they are scripts run by mirc and thru mtama they can be used in mta.. :)

So yes the ingame commands are from mtama, but then again they aren't.. :shock:

deejee being philosophic :)

but its right mtama and mirc are like beer and fish

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hi all this is my first post and i have never had any exp in game admim..but im very egar to learn..i have just downloaded and updated the mtama, but i cant connect to any games? im not sure if im doin it right...i have the 3.r2 version of mta been playin it for sometime now and thought it might be fun to learn to be become a admin..but im not really sure the difference between in game admins and other add-on admin progs.. i use the all seeing eye for a server list, get the ip add and goto mirc and get mtama goin and when i put in the ip and try to connect it dont connect, says time out...am i supposed to have the mta client goin as well or not? have tried both w/ no success..but like i said i am totally new and not exactly sure to begin..any suggestion are totally welcome and much appreciated!!!

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You can only admin servers that you have Admin on, i.e. your own. It would be madness to let any old stranger connect and kick, ban and shut server down.

If you can't do that, doesn't it take all the fun out of the server!?


well then only kicking, no ban and shut down

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You can only admin servers that you have Admin on, i.e. your own. It would be madness to let any old stranger connect and kick, ban and shut server down.

I was asked a similar question a couple of months back regarding RCon for Half-Life. He kept asking me for "the password" as if I was supposed to know it. In the end, I said:

You can administer other people's servers, but only if you have the password. And if they don't give you the password, that's a good indication that they don't want you to do it.
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