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Explosion Stunts Video

Guest Berdu

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I didn't like the music and it took quite a long time before it became nice to watch. Not all stunts were all that great but some were very nicely done. :)

I wouldn't call it the greatest hits but still its worth a nice 7 out of 10 (7/10) :lol:

BTW I also made a stunt with an explosion and its the most funny stunt you have ever seen. I'll upload it later. 8)

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I'm back 8)

First of all, the editing was really nice and the music was ok.

Most of the stunts didnt really impress me, but some were nice :D.

The so called "explosion stunts" (I thought u mean those stunts, were an explosion gives a boost (on a bike)

so u can rotate real fast and sick) are ok, but to repeative (I wanna see that big rotations!!!).

I think the bikestunting wasnt very original and a bit 2 basic.

The music: 7.0/10

The editing: 8.0/10

Stunts: 6.0/10

So overall: 7/10, the video was fun to watch, but not that impressive :D

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