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Messin' around a bit in VB6

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I was just looking at the sourcecode of GTA 3 Admin Console, and decided to try and make something myself.

The result is a tool that lets you store locations and teleport to those stored locations.

If you hold TAB down and press a number key (0-9), it will store your current location under that key. When you press that key again (without holding TAB), it will teleport you there. Teleporting to a location only works when you're on foot though, i haven't yet succeeded in making it work when you're in a car (though storing a location works while you're in a car).

A 2.44MB DiVX 5 video of one of the uses of it can be found here, and the (very well commented) VB 6 source can be found here.

Please fiddle around a bit with the source, and try to add extra functions to it, i'd really like to see what other MTA forummers can make of it ;)

Please comment your source though, otherwise nobody will understand what you did =P

Does anyone know how to teleport while in a car? Even GTA 3 Admin Console doesn't allow you to teleport while in a car =(

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