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G&T Mapping CustomWorld Beta V2.0 Public Test(Custom Models)


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Hello all!

G&T Mapping here again, as usual at your service!

Providing you with the latest high quality maps FOR FREE, made by us.


We're happy to anounce that the Public test version of our custom world 2.0 is now ready to download and test by the MTA community, i cannot emphasize enough that we need feedback from the community to make the best maps possible, so we ask of anyone that will try out the public test version to give us some feedback in return.

We will keep up an active change log for all bug fixes and added features

Map description:

In addition to our first island we have added a second island so the map now consists of two separate islands where players are free to go and explore.

(Check the change log for more info)

New Addition to the Custom World!

Gameplay footage!

Important to note: We understand that these video's quality is mediocre at best, due to busted hardware we weren't able to record nor produce the videos with HD quality, though we decided to still release the content, regardless of the videos.

Screenshots Second island:

98b9ce310226725.jpg a56fa6310226764.jpg 4bebd7310226794.jpg 46523e310226822.jpg ff5eac310226840.jpg

Screenshots First island:

fdf516308258718.jpg d06940308258725.jpg cc9593308258736.jpg 9e8b87308258744.jpg 0682d1308258755.jpg 64c84a308258762.jpg

How to install

*The world will be a separate map file including some resources, and all the textures.

*Simly unpack the zip folder in your server's resource folder.

*Turn on gtloader through the console or admin panel to auto-load all the models, and you're good to go.

*If you want to run this map next to your exsisting free roam map you will have to load up both .map files.

*The world will come with the default MTA deathmatch game mode. (We encourage testers to use their own game modes)

Change log:

(Second Island)

#Added beaches.

#Added Bridge.

#Added boulevard.

#Added industrial area.

#Added suburban area.

#Added shopping area.

#Added airport.


#Added watermarks.

*Fixed corner textures.

Unresolved bugs:

*From a aerial perspective you can clearly see object limit kicking in pretty hard, though this does not affect you on the ground levels.

*Vehicles tend to load faster than the objects resulting in them falling beneath the floor.


All the feedback, suggestions and bug reports regarding the public test version may be submited in personal messages to myself or tails on the MTA forums. Please be clear about what kind of bug you're submiting, when you encountered it, and any posible solutions.

Download Link:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/k783p ... rld%5D.zip

As always we will keep you posted on new changes, we've got a few nice things in store for you! ''soon''

G&T Mapping Needs You!

Do you have any experience with recording videos in MTA, Mapping, Moddeling, or Scripting? feel free to send us a message so you too can join the G&T Mapping team!


G&T Mapping,

Follow us on,


https://www.facebook.com/pages/GT-Mappi ... 213?ref=hl

Our Blog:


We also still accept donations, press the donate button below!


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I dont want to be rude but in my opinion this is nothing special :? .

Who said anything about this being special, if you know how to make 3D models and know how to map it's not hard to make.

We make content for MTA cos we enjoy making it, ontop of that we share it with the entire community, for anyone to download, i'm not sure what youre trying to criticise here, if you don't like it don't download it, we've had alot of nice feedback from the community already and alot of ppl DO like it, in fact they've even asked for more, also it's pretty rude indeed, to just to call something not special without any kind of elaboration to explain why you think it's not special, don't get me wrong we appreciate any kind of criticism but just saying something is not special without giving any real reason is just plain ignorant.

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I think that's very cool, but i'm sure you can do better. Hold fast


This is only our test version, in time we will expand the world and improve it as much as we can.

Good Luck!

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To avoid any further confusion about the models not loading, please remember to use our auto load tool that is included with the map file, turn on gtloader through the console or admin panel to auto-load all the models, and you're good to go

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I've been thinking about it before and found ways to do it but never got around to do it because it is such a pain in the ass. But with this tool it sounds really easy to do. I don't have 3dsMax currently installed but I might install it again soon so I can use it on our survival island or on this one: https://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f ... 29#p777429 which was never released. To use it on our road objects, it's going to be a bit problematic since they're split up in several objects and are rotated at every corner, however it still might be better than nothing. It only has daylight lighting (no shadows) currently applied to it, so they look as about the same at night which I'm not happy with. Anyway, thank for the tip!

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