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I recently re-installed vice city but i cant seem to find a certain MOD which i love also i good web-site which i downloaded everything from.

The MOD which im lookinf for is a camera MOD where you are able to get to 1st person view in cars and things. There is one on GTA3.net but im not looking for that one as when you drive the camera floats about everywhere. The MOD im looking for the camera stays very still and it works well. also in this MOD the camera can be postioned at lots of other places on the car.

2.Web-site im looking for is a Vice city one i think it is hosted by fileplant. or has fileplane in its address url.

If anyone can supply me with these 2 things im looking for it would be a great help thanks!



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nope . i just found out that the PS2 First person view is NOT LOCKED !

Just switch to the PS2 controls . and hit the botton left right up and down that u use to control the heli :lol:

So now ... PC has everything PS2 has :D ...

Just found this out now . lol

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Just to let people know there are main.scm mods which allow use of the teargas. I dont know what R* are runnin on their computers but i get no lag at all and i have a 64mb card.

Its cause , well . we all know some people have slow computers . and if they tried out the Teargas , it would cause their pc to freeze , and the game might even crash . i have tried the teargas mod on my slow computer . it froze and i was forced to restart , but it works fine on the faster one .

So i guess they took it out . so n00bs wont e-mail them saying their game is "broken"

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