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Selling Mechanic Job Script


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Hello community, i just finished my mechanic job script and its now done 100% i made this script to a project but this project fails so i decided to sell it :/

How it Works ?


1) get skin == 50 from the GUI

2) now your are employed as a mechanic

3) find a damaged car

4) enter the car as seat == 1 ( someone must be at seat 0 ) ( VehicleOwner )

5) a GUI will open to the driver ( seat == 0 ) asking him to accept or deny fix.

6) if accepted then the car will be fixed and money will be taken randomly from 1000 or 4000 from driver and given to mechanic.

7) some cool effect when fixing car.

8) Done ;)


if anyone would like to buy it just add me on skype : fady_jo. to talk about price and about to give him some more details about the script.

Script is made by me from line 1 to the end so dont reply saying scammer or whatever .. or stealing script or whatever of this stuffs.

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its not like this one .. this one is really simple .. my script is opening GUI when the mech enter to the driver ( seat == 0 ) to accept or deney the mech to fix the car and its taking money from the driver math.random and giving it to mech and some cool stuffs like fading cam and +Z car pos .. its not like the one on community :)

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The greed in this community is ridiculous. Selling that kind of shit? Really, like, what's so complex about it that one couldn't make such system in like 30 minutes themselves?

And if you really think that selling this kind of stuff to a few idiots pays off in the end, it doesn't. And even if you manage to get some profit with it, it won't be much.

Do what you want though, but just think, even MTA is "free" in the sense that you get the full deal for free, obviously they kinda need donators but that's a whole different concept, yet you still try to sell this kind of crap, blergh, I just, see no sense in it...

So much greater, greater things are given for free, still people here try to "sell" things they put zero effort in.

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