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ULK worse server... READ

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Just got banned from ULK thought I would post about it. These guys banned me for so called cheating and it pissed me off. DVS banned me cause my health bar supposedly went right back up. DVS banned another guy that wasn't cheating and he thought they did when he would get killed by them. Not a very smart move. Didn't enjoy playing there.

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never had a problem there myself...altho dvs is pretty laggy himself normally...perhaps you had a half bad ping as well and the combined lag made him think you were cheatin. Admins are peticularly short when it comes to these things recently.

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they are very short when it comes to cheating yes. that's why i like it there. now, i get the best ping of my life there, and ! can tell when someone is cheating. they are gone in a second from the great admins. that's not to say that they will ban you on the slightest whiff of suspicious activity. I have never once seen an unfair kick. (butI don't see everything)

ulk is open minded about this sort of thing, someone who was cheating (normally) wouldn't go throught the trouble of posting in the forum. (it has happened, but rare)

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