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trying to get 6 members

Guest Yoshio Kodama

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i am trying to get 6 members

to post in this thread

if they want to join

a gang i am starting very soon

Kodama Klan for vice city

will be yakuza based in vice city

all of the heirchy positions are still open

i have a list of positions but wont post it here

if u are interested

please post in this thread

or add me to your msn




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i wouldnt try to get it twisted i know sokme clans/gangs for games dont necisarrily work out

everyone is dedicated to there own clan im just trying to go legit right now with the 6 people u need to actually form a clan here on these forums

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  • 2 weeks later...

I posted as HongKongFuey before I was unbanned... went something like this

I would join but I had started my gang VCW.. Vice City Warriors and we own... (it's just me in the gang but we will own)

If it doesn't work out I will join but don't get it twisted we will own noob gangs (well we started yesterday but we hope to get good enough to call ppl noobs)

It was obvious it was me and almost all of HKF's posts are gone except the first post of page 400 in blasta public.

this guy was replying to me... I was spoofing almost every new gang I have seen

He started another gang thread so this should be locked I guess...

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