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a few noob inquiries .. sry :)

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I'm new to MTA, (not online gaming) and have come across a couple of things that have been ruining the game for me.

1) some ppl seem impossible to kill, i can stand 5 foot away from them and drill em with the heavy machine gun (the one that takes down choppers) and they stand there taking the whole clip. This also seems to apply to the M60. They then let one shotgun shell off kill me. Are some weapons more effective at certain tasks? I suppose I expect the damage inflicted by guns to be similar to the single player behaviour. Or is this a hack.

2) When I take someone down with the shotgun i.e. their player model is in the fallen state, they are still able to hold down shift and move around the floor at lightening speed with their model still in the fallen position. Surely they shouldn't be able to move at all. This makes it completely impossible to hit them. When I am taken down with a shotgun my character behaves like in the game: a small amount of time to stand up and I cant move while this is taking place. Is this p/loss on their behalf?

If so /me unplugs router and installs modem for gaming advantage ;)

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