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It is possilble make custom paintjobs on custom car mod ? I have a script which change paint job on elegy but it doesnt works on custom car mod. I think need something change in texture but I dont know what, please help.

Here is texture.fx

texture gTexture; 
technique hello 
    pass P0 
        Texture[0] = gTexture; 

client side

local shaderPJ = dxCreateShader ( "texture.fx" ) 
local shaderPJ2 = dxCreateShader ( "texture.fx" ) 
local shaderPJ3 = dxCreateShader ( "texture.fx" ) 
--Elegy paintjob 1 
function elegyPaintjob1( ) 
        local elegyPaintjob1 = dxCreateTexture ( "paintjobs/pj1.png") 
        dxSetShaderValue ( shaderPJ, "gTexture", elegyPaintjob1 ) 
        engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shaderPJ, "elegy1body256" )    
addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, elegyPaintjob1)     
--Elegy paintjob 2 
function elegyPaintjob2( ) 
        local elegyPaintjob2 = dxCreateTexture ( "paintjobs/pj2.png") 
        dxSetShaderValue ( shaderPJ2, "gTexture", elegyPaintjob2 ) 
        engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shaderPJ2, "elegy2body256" )   
addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, elegyPaintjob2)     
--Elegy paintjob 3 
function elegyPaintjob3( ) 
        local elegyPaintjob3 = dxCreateTexture ( "paintjobs/pj3.png") 
        dxSetShaderValue ( shaderPJ3, "gTexture", elegyPaintjob3 ) 
        engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shaderPJ3, "elegy3body256" )   
addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, elegyPaintjob3) 

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