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A First Time For Everything?! (All Cars Collected!)

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Now try it on a public server with peeps dropping in and out. theres the real challenge (and the real fun) ;)

Nice pic tho

Actually the real challenge was 5 guys crashing nonstop, cars exploding and resetting to their spawns, and just simply trying to get all the cars.


Everytime someone crashed all the cars reset for that person. Everytime someone didn't see a specific car, they ended up making it explode...


JoStud has the official time. It took almost 2 hours, from my estimate.

We started at about 11:45 EST and finished around 1:30 EST.

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yeah we had the sync probs. id see 3 cars parked then jo would roll up and park 'in' them cos he didnt see them hehe. But the real challenge was trying to keep the other peeps off our backs. turned into a gamemode almost. had to have 2 peeps protecting the stock at all times. and even then peeps only had to get one car in flames and boom start again.

One smart guy landed his heli on the roof above and rained molotovs down on them. :)

Another couldnt decide if he was helping or hindering so in the end we shot him on sight.

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Yeah i dont think you could even fit all the vehes where we where storing them. but then that wasnt what we were trying to do. it was how many could we get there at once whilst others where trying to stop us. stayed at 8 for a long time till we managed 14 as shown in the shots. then that swine got in with his molotov.

p.s. i think you missed 3 cars. hard to tell from that distance

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The only car not shown is the Black Maverick ("Robber Heli")

It's actually located in the bottom left, just out of the shot.

If you look at the radar picture, there's no stray blips.


I'll try to get the fraps up. It was the coolest looking thing, an entire parking lot packed with cars. Bad frame rates, though.


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how did u get the screenie then? anyway i have done this before :) let me find a screenshot

damn, my dunb editing skills

i used it as a banner for my site and a ton got cut off




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