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Keep player's score for a few moments after disconnect


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It would be nice to have the server store the players score for say, a half a minute or a minute after the player leaves, times out, etc. so the player can come back and still have his high score they worked so hard towards. This would only activate if you left legitimately or were disconnected due to a timeout or because of another common error. Admin kicks would not give them their score back or there would other options that could take effect on admin kicks.

I just think it would be nice to have a chance to keep and raise your score, not go back to 0 just because of an error or because you needed to leave for a moment or because you left accidently. Usually that makes the people want to leave if that happens.

So someone does not try to reconnect as you, well you could either log IPs or give a certain password on disconnect, something of random characters.

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The server stores the score based on ID, so when you disconnect, you're ID is recycled, so next time you reconnect you may have another ID, and concequently, it'd be hard to reliably join your score to you again. Of course, with the new core, this would be possible.


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yea, u COULD find ways to GIVE players kills, right, so u could make a .ini/.txt file to store scores and IPs (nicks would not work, impersonators) it should be possible by just sending certain packets that go along with the .txt/.ini file, it is very possible with this core :roll:

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