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Can u MTA guys add your own animations into the game ?

for example,

There isnt a animation for taking a pic using the camera in GTA. It only zooms and takes the pic. U cant see tommy holding it into the eye.

If u can put animations, then u should add that! Then u can gather the players that play with u and take a photo of them in a nice place!

Since U cant save the pic u take with the camera, U can just pretend that u'r taking and press F12 while zooming! it would be cool!

(Please dont lock this post because its not about a camera! its just an example)

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  • MTA Team

That would take a lot of work to make something this simple and useless, so its pretty much no.

However, perhaps the camera could be used and shooting would take a screenshot. It would have the effect of the camera zoom and all but you'd still see the camera markings. I don't think theres a need to animate it, would be a nice little feature though.

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