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yo, check the server.

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i dunno why but i've been havin mad problems with the game, current error codes so far are 10014,10054.10049,10035... anyways, i found a GTA3 server that works for me, buts it completely empty, does anyone go in it?

ip: port: 2006

where can i find more servers for GTA3, coz i aint got vice city for PC.

and by the way i'm new here, so my bad if theres something wrong with my post.


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GTA3:MTA runs on dated technology. The core for VC is much faster, more stable and easier to use (the way you join a server in GTA 3 is just mindblowing). As a result of this, more people use VC than GTA3.

However, MTA is due for an upgrade to 0.4 which will combine GTA 3 and VC into a single client. Various polls around the site have shown that interest for GTA 3 will pick up when the new version is released.

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HOLY SHIT, A ANSWER ive been waiting to play GTA3:MTA for months now, finally, i am indebtted(misspelled) to mad_boy, thanx dude :D

ps:why the hell didnt i read the manual?..wow i suck :lol:

EDIT:mad_boy is now known as MAD_BOY


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