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As an added bonus, the NPC characters of San Andreas seem to play by the same rules you do.

Does that mean that they get chased by the police too? It's really annoying that gangs can get away with shooting at your car, yet you can't shoot at them without getting the police after you.

they said that there are more police on street an loads following and they are very keen on stopping you

they said in the gamesradar preview dat police will shoot to kill even if u jumped the lights and heres a new screen gtasan38_17.gif

they said -=which shows part of the Los Santos skyline. =-

i will post more sutff but the gamesradr preview is the sam info as they gamespot preview and the ign preview and btw we should see a preview soon because last year august gta vice city's first preview came out on august i dont no the precise date but it did check on http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecity and check movies and it tells u the dates they came out :S i am so a reporter so is [KFC] El Burro lmao :P:lol:

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they said that there are more police on street an loads following and they are very keen on stopping you

they said in the gamesradar preview dat police will shoot to kill even if u jumped the lights

Hmmm.... that seems a little unforgiving. Have you ever tried driving at the same speed as other traffic, stopping at the lights and obeying all the rules, etc, without falling asleep? It's impossible, I assure you. :wink:

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No no no... they better not add that Driv3r felony shit, just running a red light and the cops are crawling up you ass... maybe thats the concept of the Difficulties :? On easy the cops don't bust your ass when you run a red light, speed or mount the curb but on Hard they do along with other little tweaks. Even if this isn't the case, i dunno why R* would program the cops to shoot to kill when you run a red... I mean, they ain't daft.

I do think they mean that NPC are going to get involved in car chases and shootups if they abide the same laws as you. Also means we may see the return of Muggers...

At this point, nothing full hardy has been given away, not even in the many screens now in possesion by the public... we can only sit and wait.

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more info an screen cummin soon


We went shopping, saw some movies, and explored the sites of Vinewood

While everyone is hungry for some saucy info, we thought we’ll feed you up a little with some chips, without the sauce.

Departure begins…We exclusively departed Oakland to Los Santos, as we had an request to explore the city, by Rockstar’s word that is. All in all it was a beautiful, and ah… Let’s face it incredible stay.

Hunger in the air

When we arrived in Los Santos, we were all hungry. And knowing San Andreas… Theirs places to eat virtually everywhere, anytime. Whether it will be a hotdog and mustard or burger and chips- you decide.

Still in Business

You sound thirsty, well why not try some Sprunk; A guaranteed bubble in the nose. Or have a nice café latté down at your local Tarbrush café (Yes, they’re still in business). As you can see these made an appearance in Vice City, and, there is many more still in business from 1986. These include; Beef Badit, Shaft Hotdogs, the Burger Shot, Well Stacked Pizza, Tacocalypse, and Tarbrush café.

It may seem like a very minute number of outlets, but Rockstar have added many more assortment and outlets for you to pig out in. Like Cluckin’ Bell (hrmm…) a chicken based restaurant and some old run down Taco shop.

War of the dogs

It’s funny, you see Beef Bandit and Shaft hot dogs hate each others guts- They both run a minimum remuneration, and both vend blimmin’ hotdogs. Now at some point in the game, you have to decide which hot dog business you want to keep in San Andreas, by promoting them, selling hotdogs, and destroying rival hotdog stands.


Our next thing on our list was to see some of the products and businesses. Well you guys may have remembered Pet stuffers from Vice City; well they are at it again. Now stuffing your grandparents in a new series called; Grandparent’s Forever.

Another business still going strong is GA$H, specializing in elegant clothing at reasonable prices, but oddly enough, they don’t sell shoes. Yes, you now have to purchase your clothes.

Shopping spree

In Los Santos, we got to go for a shopping spree down at the El Nuevo Big O’ Supermarket. Outside there were some fraught Asians trying to sell slushies. We felt sorry for them, so we bought a slushy. We were given 3 selections; Thrush, Mushy and Frosty. We purchased the Frosty and walked into the supermarket.

When we entered it was like any other supermarket. People were looking for groceries and lining up in queues. We stopped standing and walked down to the Freezer. Here we were disgusted; inside the freezer was a severed head.

We suggest not to go shopping there.

Visit to Vinewood

Here the film industry is huge, especially in Vinewood. Land of the rich, famous and… Troubled.

You may have remembered Steve Scott from Vice City, well he’s back and boy has he hit it big, and for some reason he doesn’t feel happy about it- We’ll give you a hint… Starkweather. Yes, the disturbed director once worked in Vinewood. Surprisingly enough, he was good friends with Steve Scott. They both directed a movie together called ‘Murder Juice’, but as always, things change.

That’s your chips for this evening, you’re full enough for the next amount of Saucy Info, but you feel desiccated. Well, next month we will supply you with the drink… It’s a interview with Gary McAdam, who is the lead map designer for San Andreas, and expect some more stuff too. - GameBIZ™ NZ


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If you're going to post things like that, post the original URL as well.


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Also means we may see the return of Muggers...

I hated them in GTA 2 :evil:, although they were easy(ish) to spot because they always wore red (and carjackers always wore green, if I remember rightly).

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Computer and Video Games.com has loads of info on SA:

Link 1:

http://www.computerandvideogames.com/r/ ... ry.php(que)pid=20040810175932

Sinking car?

Driving your vehicle into water won't result in immediate death any more, with CJ now able to escape his sinking wreck. Be warned though - there will be a time limit before CJ's lungs become uncomfortably filled with water and passing trout fish.

Boat jacking

If CJ begins to tire, he can avoid a swim back to shore by jacking a boat! The cheeky swine. With precise timing, simply grab onto a boat and intimidate its pilot, which will eventually result in the terrified fool jumping overboard.

Link 2:

http://www.computerandvideogames.com/r/ ... ry.php(que)nid=20040804170000

Each gym in San Andreas is decidedly different, not just in the facilities it provides, but through its appearance and the type of clientele it attracts too. Pop into the Las Santos establishment and you'll discover a rundown, hell-hole of a place, infested by the local gangland filth.

Likewise, the Las Venturas joint is a sleazy boxing gym, with a blood-spattered ring situated in its centre - perfect for sparring off against local knuckleheads and learning the underhand art of street brawling.

Fortunately for the more discerning type, the serene San Fierro dojo will enable you to train in more 'high-brow' fighting styles, which Rockstar has promised to release more details on later. You'll have to wait until then, people, but we're hoping for a few high-kicks that even the late and great Bruce Lee would have been proud of.

As one of the new vehicles implemented into the San Andreas mix is the classic BMX rider, it is inevitable that there would be a few smart tricks for you to master. First things up, let's talk about the controls. Accelerating requires you to tap on a button rather than simply hold it down, thus giving you potentially more control over your speed.

Hmm... I'm not sure about that last one...

Link 3:

http://www.computerandvideogames.com/r/ ... ry.php(que)nid=20040803174200

(Tatoos) However, be warned - decking yourself out like a half-man, half-graffitid underpass will make you instantly recognisable to both rival gang members and the cops, especially after you've been arrested. After all, there ain't gonna be no need for any identity parade when you've got a 12-inch, dark black dragon spread across your forehead now is there?
As most of the tattoos available offer strong gang affiliations, it is understandable that gangs play a considerable role within San Andreas' gameplay. Loyalty between members is key, and can be used for your own strategic gains.
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btw the preview is the same as the ign and gamespot previews but good find :D

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Thank you IJs. This really DOES bring beack memories. :)

Man I've played GTA1 so many times in the good old days. :P

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I don't get that one John. :roll:

No, I don't understand it either really. I know that they set up PetsOvernight.com for GTA3, so could this Epsilon Program be something similar?

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Ow yeah. Similair to the Donaldlove and the pogo the monkey stuff. :)

That could be fun then. :D

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yeah man, those look nice, 1st one was cool looks like he just looked like he buried a 'friend' :P

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No, you aren`t the olny who can :shock: when you see that pic :wink:

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That first one looks a lot like GTA3 in terms of setting, except of course with higher poly models and better lighting / shadows.

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