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Here is all the SA Stuff we have gathered from SA :

Jordan (owner of planetgta) Wrote a exclusive article GTA SA Directly from the E3 Floor :


Gtagaming.com has the scanned Game Informer Magazine that shows PLENTY of picture from SA :


GTAGaming has also All of the major previews from SA .

Check both of these websites on a daily basis To find out more . :D

P.S : Gtagaming.com has made a nice Almbum of pics from SA . Check it out : http://www.gtagaming.com/sanandreas/screenshots

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Yes, I really like the idea of building one too as he mentioned! Lets hope hes not pulling our chain, theres some great stuff I read.

How he says some old logo (refresh to see different ones) theres a guy that looks much like 8ball to me.

3 cities, each the size of Vice City? Amazing. Could be 4-6 times as big?! Holy **** this sounds fun!

Ragdoll effects? Wow that will make the game very interesting, no more certain animations when you shoot people, fall off bikes, etc.

I'll post [the important stuff] that he reports in the news, if you don't feel like making the trip to planet GTA:

San Andreas EXCLUSIVE Comment!

10:45 PST | Jordan

I knew I would find something! I didn't fly across the USA to give you all nothing on San Andreas. Here is your treat. I have exclusive information that has not yet been released to the public. It is all confirmed and official from an early release of Game Informer here at E3.

"Probably the most interesting thing you [need to] think about for a second is that we are not setting the game in a version of Los Angeles or San Francisco or Las Vegas, but in all three - and with the countryside in between," said Dan Houser.

He went on to talk about how "we take this GTA stuff really seriously and we work like f*** on it, and we don't just try to churn out a game. We think we've got some clever ideas and clever angles on things."

"Los Santos" is the game name for Los Angeles, "San Fierro" for San Francisco, and "Las Venturra" for Las Vegas. Each city is about the same size as Vice City. As in other GTA games, not all of it will be open at the beginning of the game.

Houser said that he estimates that "the entire game area is approximately four to six times as large as the entirety of either of the previous entries in the series."

In San Fierro, things are more driving-based due to the hills. Houser mentioned that "one of the things we missed in Vice City was hills. The idea that you will be able to drive from LA, through the countryside, up a mountain (yes, a mountain!) into San Francisco and on to Vegas is just freakish, and it feels amazing!"

The article goes on to say that they have done more to the graphics engine to tweak it, so don't worry. Also mentioned was that the desert isn't just an empty place with a cactus here and dirt there...but "there's still some weird s*** to see and the map feels very vibrant and alive."

Smog will be present to give LA the right feel. Expect "real-time reflections on cars, windows, and mirrors, as well as new techniques like radial lighting, which allows for more realistic shadowing, and soft-shadow lighting for interior levels," said Game Informer. They also mentioned that everything in the game now has independent models for day and night to give better lighting and shadowing.

Expect a lot more buildings with open interiors. But here is a bigger thing: "In Las Ventura, you'll be able to run a casino there, which you will have bought and built," said Houser.

I will bring more of it later, and there is a lot more. Excited?

Extra SA Info Comment!

11:21 PST | Jordan

I am now able to give out the rest of the info. First off, expect some pimped-out lowriders. The game is more serious than previous GTA games, but the satire remains. The article also talked of research where the whole team went to Calfornia with "hundreds of digital cameras," " hundreds of movies" and talked to people around the area.

Houser went on to say that, for the radio stations, "there will probably be some rap music in there, but GTA music has always been about variety and we're not going to deviate from that at all."

He mentioned that some characters from the past will return, but didn't mention who. I would put my money on Phil returning definitely.

You will be able to recruit gang members to go with you wherever you want and do four-person drive-by's (as seen in the screenshot released at the official website).

Also, house robberies can now happen, but "Houser warns that these jobs wil require real skill and planning," said Game Informer.

You now have to eat in order to stay in a good physical state. This is reflected in a new stamina meter. If you eat too much, you get fat. If you eat enough at a regular rate, you are ok. There are also gyms to exercise in.

Also, expect ragdoll physics. It is called "impact animation" by Rockstar North. Also, dual weapons (dual pistols confirmed) have been implemented.

So, in closing, Rockstar North has worked their butts off for the past two years...and the stuff they have come up with is nothing short of amazing... The Linerunner makes another appearance as well as a 90's version of the Blista Compact.

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Amazing. :o

This information was posted all over the internet, and even Rockstar has some screenshots on their website. It has to be true.... many things will be added and removed, of course, but this gives us a basic idea of what San Andreas will be like.

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Amazing. :o

This information was posted all over the internet, and even Rockstar has some screenshots on their website. It has to be true.... many things will be added and removed, of course, but this gives us a basic idea of what San Andreas will be like.

Ye , What he said :D

Alot of things will be added and removed . But its all for the good :D

Go R* :!::D

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Belive it or not . MORE STUFF . This is from http://www.planetgrandtheftauto.com/

Here is an excerpt from the Game Informer article concerning the A.I. for the game:

Each and every character you see onscreen now has a "brain," and will react to your actions and other events in a much more intelligent fashion. Rest assured, the sometime dimwitted reactions of pedestrians in past editions of GTA is a thing of the past. NPC intelligence behavior has now become so varied that voiceover recording sessions for an average pedestrian characters dialogue have gone from ten minutes to an hour in length. The AI is not limited to the behavior of NPC's, either, as San Andreas will implement dynamic difficulty based on your performance, sometimes easing the challenge to allow players to advance past troublesome objectives - a move that Rockstar hopes will allow more fans to play San Andreas through to completion.

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Ohh . My bad . dint know it was up . Well . ill leave it here anyways fro n00bs who only knows mtavc.com ... Looking nice tough .. I liked the heli picture were it had a stop light on the guy running . Altough somethign was weird .. look at the size of the tree on background . It could be that the tree was too big or heli was too low ..

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i hope there will come a pc version of gta sa

but if it comes out on pc i think i cant run it on my low 1400mhz with a geforce 2 mmx 400 [64mb] and a ram memory of 256mb ram

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