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[Guide]Server setup on CentOS 6

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By writing this tutorial current version is CentOS is

CentOS release 6.5 (Final)

# - for root

$ - for normal user

none for "doesn't matter which one you're using" but I'd rather prefer to don't change between users.

You can check it with issuing for own system:

# cat /etc/redhat-release   

and update with

# yum check-update  

# yum distribution-synchronization  


Before we begin install dependencies:

# yum install compat-readline5 compat readline5.i686 glibc 

if you face problems with missing packages just use this:

# yum provides <libraryname (ex.>  

and install packages that provide it with yum install , keep in mind there are different flavors for multiarch with .i686 .x86_64 suffix that also makes the difference.

Then follow wiki but look below because additionaly I described how to install resources:

Main binary

Download the latest stable Linux binaries from here:

wget [url=] ... 3.4.tar.gz[/url] 

Unpack into a directory:

tar -xf multitheftauto_linux* 

Default config

Download the default config files:

wget [url=][/url] 

Unpack and move into the deathmatch directory:

(Note: Only do this for new installations as it will overwrite any existing config files.)

tar -xf baseconfig* 

mv baseconfig*/* multitheftauto_linux*/mods/deathmatch 


You can now test if the server will start correctly, by entering the install directory:

cd multitheftauto_linux* 

and launching:


or to launch server in background:

./mta-server -d 


Go to deathmatch directory

cd mods/deathmatch 

Create new directory named "resources" and enter it

mkdir resources && cd resources 

Download resources (find latest version at

wget [url=] ...[/url] 

Extract resources with:


then launch server again (guided as per Test section)

Additional information:

Any thoughts? Use official wiki it really describes every step to get set up :)

optionally you will also need to edit files from your multitheftauto_linux*/mods/deathmatch directory mtaserver.conf and acl.xml but it's up to you what you will use to do it. I used vim editor as it comes installed by default, but for complete beginners nano is easier. Install it with:

# yum install nano 

then edit files using it (CTRL+X keys to close file, at prompt use Y button and confirm with ENTER to save:

nano multitheftauto_linux*/mods/deathmatch/mtaserver.conf 

nano multitheftauto_linux*/mods/deathmatch/acl.xml 

Used wiki to write it and own knowledge. Copy only on my permission please with a proper credits.

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