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vps.me port forwarding?


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Ok I'm using the free VPS provided by VPS.me. There's dedicated ipv6 that's not supported by MTA and shared ipv4 that need port forwarding to be done so I set it up like this

Port name:  Shared IP:         Source Port:     Destination Port:   Protocol:    
1.  mtaserv 31.220.x.x  21113           22003                     UDP    
2.  mtaase  31.220.x.x  21239           22126                     UDP    
3.  mtaweb  31.220.x.x  21115           22005                     TCP 

and connecting to my server using ipv4:21113 is stuck downloading files 0 b of 1,83mb but playable, can't get to UI controls though in game mode freeroam F1 or admin panel. Then after few minutes error CD20 pops

"Error downloading requested files. Couldn't connect to server. [Failed connect to 31.220.x.x:22005; No error] [freeroam/help.xml]" 

Web ui is working fine. What's wrong with the game/server. Will anytime soon IPv6 support be added please?

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