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[REL] Silent Hill: DayZ (MTA DayZ Mod)


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By making the weather foggy, swapping pedestrians\animals with Silent Hill creatures, adding some Silent Hill background ambiance\sounds, and adding a usable flashlight, this will alter the DayZ mod to give it more of a Silent Hill "feel".

It will allow you to use everything in the DayZ mod as usual, except for the following changes:

-Changed the weather to always be heavily foggy\gloomy

-Added background ambiance from Silent Hill

-Replaced all pedestrian models with Silent Hill creatures

-Replaced main survivior clothing character model with Henry Townshend (main character from Silent Hill 4)

-Replaced civilian clothing character model with Heather Mason (main character from Silent Hill 3)

-Changed the bear to Pyramid Head

-Changed both the wolf and fox to the zombie dog (from Silent Hill)

-The siren sound from Silent Hill plays periodically in the distance

-Added 65 other various creepy Silent Hill sounds that play randomly

-Added flashlight mod (Works best in aiming mode with a gun. Press U to equip and R to toggle on\off)

EDIT: Fixed link

Download Server Files Here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=33719165455069640682

EDIT: Forgot to post the link to the screenshots, which you can find here: http://imgur.com/a/7WpkT

Unfortunately I am not able to upload it to the community resources, as I keep getting a timeout when uploading the file. If anyone has any idea how to fix this then please let me know.

Future To Do List:

-Whenever you hear the siren, Pyramid Head comes out to play and is more like a "boss" in the game.

-See if it's possible to attach the flashlight to the player's chest for classic Silent Hill hands-free use

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hey nevermind i just finished installing it and playing it today!! the server is awesome!! one thing i noticed though. it is able to run on 1.4 but the backpack and weapons (when not equiped) are floating and following you in a teleporting sort of way. also when you eat or heal the animation does not cut off. you have to end it manually. other than that it looks great and very fun! on 1.3 it runs smoothly. no bugs nor glitches that i know of.

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