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Is it possible ?

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Is it possible that you can just take off the esc menue ( pause menue ) because i just was playing and then suddenly i was killing a person and right when i was going to kill him he paused the game he said "ha ha ha ha ha ha I just paused the game you can't ever kill me" Then I say "Well that is just cheating!" well you should try to just make that really fast and or make a script and give it to servers!

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Well im not a programmer but.

I think this is possible what would have to be done is

just remove the line in the codes that say ex : esc=pause game.

However the problem i see here is that it would also be removed in single player then and that would be annoying,but if it is possible to remove the only in multiplayer , then im sure it will be done.

* i just used normal words, no programming language , so its easier understood*

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what i was acually talking about is the config.cfg in C:/program files/rockstar games/grand theft auto vice city

bind F11 showscores

bind F10 showplayers

bind t say

bind F9 showchat

bind F12 screenshot

or dosnt this file have a acual purpose?

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We have looked into disabling pause and or indicating when a player is paused since release of 0.1. But unfortunately it isnt as easy as you would suppose. There IS a possibility that newer cores will increase our overall control of the game making it feasable, only the future will tell. It is very unlikely to be possible with the current core sadly.

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well ther would be no pint because u could still use

alt + tab

alt + esc

alt + shift + tab

windows butten

there r others buty i cant remeber

It's possible to disable these in XP and 2000. But one thing I was thinking was that if you disable Esc and alt + tab, how are you supposed to quit the game? I always press Esc and exit from the menu.

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well we know it's possible to disable the esc key in mta, cause I can't hit esc while in the character select screen!

of course, moving deaths to server side, at least while the person is paused, would do it as well, but like he said, it's a lot harder than it sounds

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I said future cores. Not the next core.

well we know it's possible to disable the esc key in mta, cause I can't hit esc while in the character select screen!

That is because it is in cinematic/widescreen mode. The same applies for being 'drunk' in stunt mode. Worth looking into tho. perhaps widescreen without the widescreen :)

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okok, how about it, could the pause screen be disabled in the scm?, bkaz this seems a serious problem in MTA, almost as bad as cheaters :? or maybe a copy of the file that is needed for the pause menu be duplicated then modifyed, like the mta.scm :)

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