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Cam Hack

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Is it allowed to use the CamHack on MTA ?

As far as i know . it dosent affect the gameplay in anyway at all , But i just wanted to make sure we're allowed or not to use it . Before i make a stunt video using it and then i might be accused of using hacks and that stuff ...

P.S: Basicly what the Cam hack does is give you a "special" first person mode camera . and I have tried it and it never made me or anyone on server crash ...

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I thought the cam hack wouldn't work because MTA overwrote it's address modifications...or did I hear wrong.

Nope it works perfectly , same as SP . I guess it works cause MTA dosent have any special cameras . HOW EVER , when i forget to turn it off and die . it getts messed up on the char. menu . It dosent show anything extra that the "normal" char. cam doent . but it keeps going up and down . i guess this happens cause the cam hack and MTA are "fighting" for the special camera . but in game its perfect

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