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7:43 am estern , oficial MTA 10 player server

about 10 minutes ago Bruno was flying a chopper inside of airport, it was undestructable and he could go threw walls, he also was unkillable when he got out. ( me=MR.X)

me: who is admin here?


me:where is he?

Bruno: good friend of mine

Bruno:I know him in reality

me: yeh, he would like to know about your heli adventure


Bruno:he gave me the cheats


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lmao, yeah i'm sure he deals out things that ultimately ruins everyone elses experience...for his own mod. Most cheaters are snivelling 9 year olds who would say anything to save face, or they just don't care and will say any random thing that comes to mind...like here.

I'd honestly suggest not listening to a damn thing a cheater says ;)

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Ask anyone my stance on cheats then consider this idiots claims afresh.

btw 'bruno' its MrBump not mr.bump.

Dragon: I play most days on the official servers. But under different names. I find joining as MrBump makes the cheaters turn off their cheats (so i can't catch them)


well that must be him he is allways cheating
Explain. NOW.
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Guys come on . Your going to Discuss about this ?

Some days ago i was in a pub server , when this "kid" came and said he was the master mind behind MTA . :?:lol: , All i did was

TmM_Dgtadude killed Mastermind

TmM_Dgtadude killed Mastermind

TmM_Dgtadude killed Mastermind

TmM_Dgtadude : OMG , I just killed the MTA mastermind 3 times


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