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Prawn Island Bridge Crash

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how come my game nearly always crashes when im going over the bridge from the robbers house at prawn island towards ammo nation....some servers this dosent happen, but on others it happens repeatedly....it seems to be the only place i have a real problem with.

sometimes i can get around the problem by going in the other direction towards the beach....but that means driving all the way across the other side?

does anyone else experience this?

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Ontopic: :) It happens to me as well. More often on my slower computer than on my faster one, so my guess is that it's related to computer or graphics card speed.

The 'look behind' tip seems worth experimenting with if you have this problem a lot. Looking behind you, you will see terrain which was already in memory, thus making the change to the other map would theoretically reduce the cpu load. Keep us posted if you think this helps or not, so we can keep this factor in mind for further development.

edit: You may want to lower draw distance, and see if that helps. As far as I know, this setting only affects the map drawing, so it wouldn't give other players too much advantage.

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yeah in my experience with this prob its to do with the speed of things loading... ull find it happens much more often when mtama is running on a server for example...

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the looking behind thing seems to be helping....but of course the odd crash is still expected....but the strange thing is, its only that bridge on prawn island and in that direction towards ammo nation.... i have no problems with any other bridge crossing......

once i have made that first crossing, i seem to be able to cross it as many times as i like with out a problem, so its the only first crossing of the game as i spawn from the robber location.

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