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GTA In Game Multiplayer Menu - By Rockstar

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There is a multiplayer for GTA3.

In fact, you're posting in it.


Firstly I'd like to say that actually no, he's posting in the forum for the multiplayer mod for GTA3 - not the mod itself.

i did but im no good at hacking exe file i would of needed a lot of help.

It would of been good if they made it multiplayer th0.

Hmmm... I get the impression that you're actually serious about this ludicrous suggestion and not mad / drunk / tired / drugged.

i know im not that :o stupid.

No comment.

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sorry for bumping this old topic but they really should consider using this menu in the new core when they make GTA3 for it 8)

those game modes that are shown, should of course be replaced by the official game modes that will be released with the new core.


just some extra ideas for the menus:

there should also be a button that leads to a submenu, from the menu above, labeled Add-ons, which will have the user-made game modes that person may have installed.

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