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GTA In Game Multiplayer Menu - By Rockstar

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hmm there were many signs of mp in gta3 and vc for example the code mta found but then still made their own..

i never saw a functional mp menu but i saw some background images e.g a server window....just check the txd's in your models folder, cant remeber where it was

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Yes, theres 5 or 6 unlinked menus in GTA3 (none in vc) that give you options such as choosing game type, server IP, setting up a local server and character colour etc, although its interesting to see what R* intended, they aren't really in a usable state, as they've been partially hacked out (or not completed). If I get a moment I might screenshot them.


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don't forget the unused busstops and (in the pc version) the unused teargas

God I miss teargas. Would have been great for MTA :) imagine big smoke clouds to make a quick escape or to infiltrate during gangwars.

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here are the screens i already knew it to

i taked them:

look at http://www.aad.nl.tt i made a new index for the screens. The server and other info is in to but i did not activated them in my game ill make screens when i activate everything

:arrow: or look at this adres press f5 to reload the site


:twisted::twisted: i hope mta will use this menu in the future or maybe can activate it kind of

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i know you dont need it but it would be cool if we can choose:


radar colors

spawn districts

and other cool things

im hoping there will be a long movie of the gta3 mta 0.4 a betatest movie then. :wink::wink::lol:

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I think that the Dm and the team dm stealth is meaning that you cant see anyone on the radar.

And on the spawn selection: The Tower :shock: ?


Ok i think i figured out the Tower, i think its the rooftop of donald love's "house"

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