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Cant get Clients

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For a start i never get registered with ase but that doesnt atter that much however i told my friends the ip and port but whenever they try to connect they always get disconnected for connection timed out. I use a 600k broadband modem but i am starting to think that it is too slow. I have had severs up before for other games specificaly sof2. Please tell me what to do. I only want to play with my clan members and i dont want to rent a sever

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well usually routers hide ports from the computers connected to them, hence making every connection passive, however on almost every router you can forward a specific set of ports to the computer which you need to hence making the computer have no protection by the router on those ports. Most likely you need to forward the ones from your router, the ports being the ones you are using for MTA (ie 2003 for client and 2002 for admin).

To forward the ports you have to go onto the routers settings. This is usually located at something like or what ever the default gateway address of your router is. It should be fairly obvious how to do it form there.

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ok here is a step by step way of forwarding ports on that specific router:

- open Internet Explorer or your equivelant web browser.

- go to this address:

- go to the advanced tab

- go to applications on the left hand side

- click enable at the top

- for name put: MTA

- for trigger port put 2003 - 2003

- for WAN port put: 2003

- leave the types on TCP

- click apply

If this fails to work then experiment with the feature... try using UDP for example.

The manual for this router can be found here

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No it still doesnt work. I followed your instructions and i basically got the idea but there was only the following feilds what is on the right it what i entered.

Name - Mta

Trigger port ####-#### - 2003-2003

triger type - tcp

Public ports ##################### (i didnt know what to put)

Public type- tcp

there want anyting about wan

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