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Up T0 D8 Stuff on :ampt: (www.amptforums.tk)

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Hey, well, I got 'sucked' back into these forums by mistake when Curly gave me a link to a topic on here, and i guess since i know alot of people on these forums that i rarely see on mine, I'll post a few updates of what we're up to :)

Firstly, SIN Act3 has JUST gotten underway, we were given 3 fantastic movie previews and we couldnt choose which 2 to choose, so there will be 3 movie previews for Act3 i guess, lol. Production got off kinda slow because we ran into projects such as the How TO Stunt video and the :ampt: mod (below), but hopefully we'll have it finished pretty soon.

Next, I'm currently working on a map mod, if you havent heard, and so far i've got plenty of rails, ramps, and everything, placed strategically for stunting. We ARE accepting suggestions anytime weither you want to post them here or @ the ampt forums, your call :P

Next, Our current member number is 8


Mikey Mak (aka. Fatfuck101)

Matt Brown

Josh Good9




& our latest member, Barney

Mike's, Liquidsnake's, and Barney's audition videos were right badass and i recommend you go check them out @ TGA or somethin. Also Mike & Liquid recently created a video together called Anarchy which is also a jaw dropping video.

In case you never heard, we got spammed by a bunch of retards at GTAF because I took 2 of their smilies without asking, so basically the leeching of 2 smilies caused me 3 hours of cleaning up the forums and deleting and blocking members. Wasn't a fun business, but let's just say that i gathered a load of IP addresses and gave them to somebody who used them very nicely. Also mass spamming has recently been passed through Microsoft as illegal so the unlucky portion of the spammers as well as viruses and trojans, were reported to their ISPs.

I believe rumours were going around that I hacked up some certain forums like GTA Auction, though if you really know me, I hardly even know the MEANING of hacking,


so i guess that bit of bullshit was just passed around to try and gather more 'troops' for the spam attack. To anybody here that may have been involved with the spam attack against my forums and didn't use a proxy, theres a 60% chance you're in big trouble :)

but back to some more cheerful stuff.......... I think that's all i can think of right now. I have plenty more upd8s and stuff at the forums but if you're lazy then this is all you're gonna get cuz i have some homework to get done.

L8er guyz, and 'happy stunting' :P:twisted:


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