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:shock: I just installed MTA:VC yesterday and am very pleased with it and have had alot of fun so far... bur every single game i have played has freezed....... just then was when i tried to do a drive by, last time when i tried to ride pilion etc etc..... but it doesn't unfreeze, the screen stays the same and the radio plays..... then i reset... does this only happen to me?
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  • MTA Team

You are probably experiencing a bad crash, not a total lockdown. This means you gotta get out without seeing what you are doing.

The best thing to do is press control+alt+delete, press g so it highlights "Grand Theft Auto Vice City", press tab twice to have the "End Task" button selected and then press enter twice to end it. If that works you should be dumped back on the desktop after a moment or so.

If that is not working and you HATE shutting down, try system standby. That will usually do the trick. Just mash ur standby button on your keyboard and if it isn't standing by its probably because the "restart, shutdown, standby" selection window is up in the background. Try pressing enter and hopefully you'll get a reaction then. After your computer goes into standby wait a moment so you don't hurt your computer by making some equipment shut down and then restart fastly. When you push a keyboard button or mouse button and the computer comes outta sleep mode, you will have to log into your account again or you will be on the desktop automatically if you disabled user login. The crashed GTAVC will still be running but you will be on the desktop to end it. If you can't control+alt+delete the task manager up, try right clicking in the system tray and click task manager in the menu.

If that doesn't work you'll be forced to restart, but with this method I have rarely had to restart as it almost always works.

PS: This is going on the assumption that you have one of the newer versions of Windows. If you got Linux or somethin... well... feck.

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Because as we all know MTA runs on Linux, eh?

If you hear a system sound right before your game "freezes", try pressing space once or twice before doing all of what Ransom said.

One way to tell if your system has really hung is by pressing NumLock or one of the other two Lock keys. If its LED indication changes on the keyb, your system's still alive and there is a way to revive it.

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When my game locks up, I press alt-tab, this'll keep the game on screen but the normal mouse pointer will show, then I'll alt-tab again and move my pointer to the middle of the screen, if it disappears it means the error window's in focus, then I hit enter, wait a few seconds and hit it again.

Different method, same result.

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My keyboard (Logitech Wireless Mx duo) is blessed with a scroll wheel :shock: . The wheel is set-up to select open windows so all i do is scroll once and poof thats it. if it's locked i press the "User" button which takes you back to windows log-in screen. This keyboard is great for MTA. :wink:

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  • MTA Team

What also works (im running Windows 2003 Server, but i think there's also such a menu in XP Pro), always keep something like Task Manager open (select Always On Top).

First alt+tab to Task Manager, it wont switch but Windows will put the focus on Task Manager anyway, then press ctrl+alt+del so you get the nice 'Lock system, Task Manager, Shutdown System'-menu, and press task manager. Then it'll return to windows, and you'll be able to see the Unhandled Exception error as well. Setting your game to the same res as your desktop might come in handy when you're doing this.

Anyways, a fix to your crash might be using another no-cd patch (you gotta have the cd's though, otherwise it's illegal) or using v1.0 instead of v1.1 or v1.1 instead of v1.0.

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Yeah thanks guys.... ( i was wondering why drive bys didn't work lol)

I'm not having much troubles now.... the occasional freeze but if i wait for a bit then press , ctrl, alt, del it exits out then i just re join the server without having to restart my pc.....

Top work MTA makers... i am going to make a donation as ive been having sh!t loads of fun over the last few days with it, you deserve every last penny!

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