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i play mta vc a lot, but i had an idea to put a half-pipe in he game.

sow i searched and found a nice one.

but when i start mta and press 'start game' , there's an error.

i know it is possible to have a modified map and ply mta, because i 've seen it.

can someone tell me how i can instal a mod (a nice half-pipe) and play mta?

because i realy wonne shear the half pipe with friends in mta.



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Custom maps may be possible in the future, currently we advise you not to try to as you'll ruin the game experience for others.


you guys should make a version of mta that we are allowed to use mods . only for lan that is . cause it would be really cool to play with a halfpipe on lan with my friends . kinda of like gtat did ... but it would be hard to control it to be just on lan ...

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but in UT, people sat there and downloaded the changes temporaraly, that was a excellant Online feature, only on LAN...r u NUTS? :twisted:

but also im afaid of ruining bandwidth this way, maybe there could be subfolders to hold all the mods, and u would have to DL them first, then the client would search for them, if they could not be found, the could recommend a site :D

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it's probably been mentioned...but if the maps used say, standard objects, it'd be pretty efficient for there to be a text file with changes made

object name/ files, location xyz and rotation in degrees

...altho this wouldn't help much with halfpipes and the likes, but it'd be a start.

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