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I would just like to state that the player that goes around the servers with the nick 'Cheat' or 'Cheat!!!' is not a member of AusT

We had a run in with this cheater who openly admitted to cheating on Ozforces server, and now is posing as an AusT member - obviously to try and ruin our name, even tho we have only been operating for about a week.

A current list of members can be found on my personal forums (which host my clan forums) at http://itsmee.ausbf1942.com/forums



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mythic, be sure to have all your members use nick serve to register names on irc.multitheftauto.com, tell them to login and sit in #mta while playing a game, then they have a usable alliby, because he could just as easily use one of your names.

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