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what the hell...

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i see crazy stuff like this ALL THE TIME in mta, its just a matter of catching it on fraps, which is hard because these things happen so fast.

i got the heli on fraps because it had been flying around like that for over 10 minutes before i alt tabbed to start fraps. :?:lol:

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Got that same camera bug where it'd woosh a few kms away and then back to you if you moved a bit away from a certain spot. It was about a week ago at the stairs leading to the top of the sailor spawn boat. I kept talking about it to Loendal, Fox and the others telling them to come see if it happened to them too, but apparently it was an isolated incident.

Here's the pics I took:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

I'm not displaying them properly, cause certain admins have been very grumpy lately about us posting numerous pics of weird bugs and I don't care that much to have my posts edited...

BTW that freaky heli thing isn't all that unseen. Combine wacky net traffic on his end, possible pausing and some heavy lag and you will get stuff liek that most times. Funny ending though :).

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too bad i deleted my video of my sailor having seizures when i tried to shoot the pump shotgun. it would have gone nicely in this thread

and the one where my camera got locked into the position used for when youre on foot, even when inside cars. it made it so i could drive from iside the car, and see the steering wheel and all that. i have screenshots somewhere and ill get around to posting em sometime 8)

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