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It really is a shame that the admin dont have a sense of humour. All that talent and they just dont seem to get the fact that some people want a bit of fun. I only have 3 months to live , so excuse me for wanting to have a laugh. Maybe i should just curl up and die right now. Anyway for what it is worth keep up the good work and keep smiling admin :)

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my sense of humour went with the lack of sensible posts in this forum.

We have forums to spam in, and disobaying the rules for a laugh doesnt sound like a joke to me btw =)

Stop flaming, people.


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  • MTA Team

To be honest Sarah, i had a small laugh with this :lol: and no, i didn't lock, i leave that to the mods :wink:

Mr.Bill: since this is locked, and im to lazy to unlock it :) I found it funny, as I myself do it all the time on irc (and I stillw wonder why I get banned.. :) )

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