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Toy Vans (RC)


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We did try to implement RC vehicles in 0.2. unfortunately they had many problems not associated with normal vehicles. no collision and instant crash for any player joining when one was in use for instance. So unfortunately they had to be removed. Perhaps in future cores we will find it easier to get around these shortcomings.

I hope so as flying an RC Plane was great fun.

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I think it would be f'ing crazy if we could get those toy vans in the MTA with those RC bombers. That would be awesome, we could have long range attacks from all over the city! Also the RC cars would be cool.

Not all over the city, they got limited range :(

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thanks for the plug slothman... and i didnt even pay him

testing with the rc vehicles was great fun, but they did cause lots of crashes.

Havent been touched since then, but they have not been forgotten.... maybe in future vers.

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Heheh I reckon since we have stunt...........deathmatch we should have RC MATCH. Once it can be done. U can only spawn at the stadium and u spawn in an avaliable car, maximum of 8 with doors locked and u have mini rc matches in Bloodring stadium. Or RC RACES in the hotring stadium. :') oh the possibilities

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Well i just gave an suggestion about attack and defend modes with bases

It would be cool to have rc planes and cars so lets say the attackers have 2 rc planes and 2 rc cars to place bombes in certain places of the enemy their base ;)

Also it would be cool if you could just place bombs into cars so if some1 jacks you that you can let it explode ;)

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