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Theres no need what so ever to be a dick, none, none.

And dont close the thread, cos that means sensible people from MTA cant try to answer questions.

I dont give a shit if this is for GTA3, its got nothing to do with it, at all....

point was, will MTA 0.4 for GTA3 or fucking Vice City, not disconnect as much, or will it be the same. Just i was having problems.

Just calm down man, noone said anything about vice city, i was asking about the new version for gta3 or vice.

Christ.....you ask 1 question, and what do you get. :?

Oh nearly forgot, if noone has answered the question, dont close it, move it ffs. The rest of the team is probably alright, but just no need for your crap today.

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It wasnt even acknowledged as being a real problem last time i posted about it, so no.......

Not everyone had this problem, I think they're more likely to get the major problems sorted out first, I dont even know to what extent they are aware of this, there werent many replies to these types of questions they were ignored, hence why im asking.

Point is, if they dont really know about it, then it wont get fixed, if they do know, they might not even be able to do much about it, this is why im asking, its really simple, i dont see why everyone has to be an arsehole about it, why? just to try and make ppl look stupid for asking questions or something?

Just chill out....

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oh so im an arsehole now eh?

ok now since youre being a deadhead im gonna explain it to you:

the mta team knows ALL (yes ALL) the bugs that are in mta. if someone discovers something new, they are being told via IRC. those questions, just like yours, are being ignored because of the reason i already mentioned above: its just good ol' logic! oh and by the way, it was answered before, so no, its NOT a perfectly good question, thus i suggest locking this thread

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  • MTA Team

MTA 0.4 is build on the same core as 0.2, 0.2.2 and 0.3 and uses the same netcode and the same way of memory hacking so it is unlikly that the major problems are solved. This is why we are also building a new core with a new netcode and a new way of using GTA and MTA together.

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