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[REL] Lunix OS Blue Octopus

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Hi all. Today I'll show you third version of Lunix system - is Blue Octopus.

Whats new?

- Added pause button in URL Player

- Close button now is icon

- About window resized to small

- Added text calculator

- Added text editor

- Added button "Set as desktop image" in pictures

- Start menu attached to taskbar

- New settings menu

- Added login-screen

- Added error window for login-screen

- On time button is start menu showed month and day

Whats bad?

- 2 desktop images

- Bug with start menu - if press on startmenu image system shutdowned

- Bug with files menu and settings - if clicked non on button/image/text open all windows, whats settings have this window

- Can't resize windows

Whats have settings window?

- Taskbar position (top/bottom) - replaced position taskbar, startmenu, desktop time button

- 2 languages - english and russian in one

- Desktop settings, Taskbar settings

To start Lunix OS press in chat /lunixb or in console lunixb

Download (2 languages in one resource)

We planned make this system on DxGUI, but Memos and Edits not worked here.

Thanks. Wait last our LunixOS Desktop System and LunioPhone. Good luck :lol:

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