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East Side Gang


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If you know how to use the guns in gta3 extreemely well, this is for you. We are currently looking for people who:

-Can REALLY roleplay fights

-Can use a bat well (its not that hard)

-Will listen to orders from people higher in command

-Be able to drive. (well.)

The East Side will swarm gta3 mta.3 once it comes out, we will probably scedule wars with other gangs. We will probably use the triad Actor/skin from gta3.

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ur gang sounds skill. I would very much like to join it :lol: , i like orginized gangs not gangs where no1 will turn up :? !


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Im the transporter seen that movie? i can drive

rule 1: never change the rules

rule 2: no names


and so on i think what kind of connection do i need 2 play this online?

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true, you know we're loving the quad-bike you got there, but unless my sight is impared to the point that I probably cant read whats on the screen anyway, you could keep the avatar to a respectable size =)

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Uh oh, I would very much like to join. I live in a town called "Eastbridge" in Denmark, Copenhagen. East side forever! :)

I can drive very well, its crazy! :P And I think I am fullfillin' your other requirements as well. Any homepage, members I can check out on?

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