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Help please!! Very strange problem.


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I played MTA alot, I freaking love it. I could connect to server no problem. After about 2 months of playing, my MTA wont want to work properaly. I used to be able to connect to servers with no problem, but if I do now, 95% of the time MTA quits responding after it says 'connecting...' and if I do connect to a server somehow, I crash after like 5 seconds if theres anymore than 5 people on that server. If I connect to a server with like 2 people on it, I can stay connected for 10 mins maximum. And I crash waaaayyyyy more than Im supposed to. I didnt have any problems a couple months ago but now its hell for me. :cry: I have freash installs of MTA and Vice City.

Running XP Home and I have cable.

Please help... it would be very appriciated!!! :D

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Integrated Intel extreme 3D graphics card 64 MB with the latest drivers. I dont think my video card is causing these problems since it worked with MTA before with the same drivers. ;)



I guess we have the exact same issue.


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I'll give you a few more details...

When I connect to a server with some of people on it, I see:



After I see this I see a 'Send Error Report' window.

And then my MTA crashes before I see the final message.

That even happnens with only a couple people, OR EVEN NO people on the server, just more often with alot of people on it...

At other times, I try and connect to a server, wait like 20 seconds, and then MTA closes automaticly. :roll:

I have ABSOLUTELY fresh installs of MTA and Vice City. I tryed deleting my Vice City and MTA folder (even MTA.ini in windows folder), the only thing I modifyed in my Vice folder was my MP3 folder so I could listen to some of my Disturbed music in Vice...

It happens on EVERY SERVER I go on to. Hell, I ****ing got banned off of a server because of this Bullsh*t problem. [xD]Stunt Server. I tryed connecting two or three times (nonono I wasnt trying to flood) to see if there was something that I wasnt seeing that could tell me whats wrong with MTA.

Maybe some of my ports arent open? I have a D-Link router and I'll try to open them later, and hope that it will work. I tryed damn near everything... PLEASE HELP!! IT WILL BE APPRICIATED IF YOU AT LEAST TRY!

my PC specs:

Pentium 4 2.4 GHz

256 MB RAM

64 MB Integrated Intel Extreme 3D Graphics

Windows XP Home with Service pack 1

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I have this too. A few days ago it started, it takes ages for MTA too load. It takes even longer after you pressed connect.


It happens at all times on every server.

I've been getting that myself. No changes to my setup for months and all was smooth before.

[...]I am not using any mod or cheat.[...]

Correction: you have a hacked client.

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So this is not only affecting me? :shock: Thanks for all your attempts to help, I appriciate it, ALOT! :D I will try and do what slothman has suggested, thanks man! Ill tell you what I get. :)

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same thing happens to me. i get in the server and then like 5 min latere i get an error saying it has 2 close :( i cant even Play MTA anympre. (i havent installed windows update in a while) the last game i installed was battlefield VIetnam

PC specs are :

Win. XP home

SP. 1

Pentium 4 2.53 ghz

256 mb of ram

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Do all of us that have this problem have XP Home with Service Pack 1? If so, Service Pack 1 may be causing the problem. Is there a way to maybe upgrade to Service Pack 2 or something? :?

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Yay. I had to format and now MTA is working beuatifully. :D Now I can play MTA no problem. I didnt format because of MTA, I formatted beacuse my computer had some corrupted files and was going slow. anyways for those of you who have this problem try creating a restore point (just to be safe) and install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. :)

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unless they run windows 9x, then they will be stuck in a repeating reinstallation loop of doom...probably for the better tho lol. I think part of the problem tho is not finding and deleteing all the mta files, reinstalling doesn't necessarily overwrite old files :\

formatting however would lol.

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