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people in MTA

Guest wm-diode

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hi all,

i like to say, i like MTA ( great job )

only i think the 1 option needs to be add, or Fixed

a option to add people and cars,

just like 1 one player game,

so you can easy get a car

when you crash in a Stunt MTA

you need to walk a long way, before i see a car,

if 0.4 comes out, or 0.5 plzz add more cars in a game,

or make a option to enter the amount cars in the game,

walking in MTA takes a long time, to long!!!!

can this be fixed ?

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ok peds and cars will never be added because there is no need for them

also in stunt mode (and dethmatch) tipe /kill in the chat box and you will go to the spawn section so u can respawn and get more cars

there is no option to add more cars because there is a limit to how menny can be in the game at the one time

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I know this subject is probably one that has been asked about again and again and I'm fully aware that multiplayer coding is a complete cow even without ai, but I have to ask ...

"ok peds and cars will never be added because there is no need for them" curly

I would imagine there are many people out there who would find this modification great. Those who fancied just playing the game but with a friend. The missions don't even need to be altered. The extra player wouldnt have to operate any triggers or even initiate the missions they would just have to be there in existence. I know synchronising the cars and peds would be difficult but the viewing range is only so far surely only when the two players are near each other would the synchronising be an issue. GTA VC seems to make cars disappear anyway when you turn away for 5 seconds. I know you guys are focussing on the more deathmatch style game but it would be nice just to have one real person in the city with me. As i said before they don't have to be part of mission, included in cut scenes, or anything. Just interact so I could be rescued in a helicopter or they could come speeding round a corner and kill the cops that were chasing me.

I'm sorry you've probably heard all this before but i just have to know why it's not possible or whether it's simply a matter of 'that is not our objective and we don't have the time to commit' which is fair enough. You guys have done a great job and dont think I'm flaming you for not doing this. You guys have done an awesome job. I'm just interested by the possibility or not possibility of such a modification. Cheers for your time.

I am aware there have been other topics discussing this so again i apologise for any repetition.

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To be honest we're currently on version 0.3/0.4, we're not even half-way to 1.0, so whatever anyone says (particularily not on the team), is not set in stone. The best thing to do is to enjoy what you've got, and look forward to the amazing things that are coming... (and hope :))


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For stunt mode if you want i can write a lable in the scm that on command if you press shift in stunt mode it will spawn a Freeway. Dont wanna get carried away. Id rather have people travel to get a PCJ rather then continue having fun. But then Bump or IJ or whoever will need to allow this for 0.5 or something

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Codfish ...:

1 player on a 32player server lags ...

Now .. just imagine your pc sending the info needed for all the cars around you ... it would be like EXTREME LAG...

And imagine having a battle , then u get the shotgun . ready to shot the car and this A.I car pass by right between ya ...

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