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[Release] Cameratool V2.0!

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Hello guys!

Today I present to you the latest version of Cameratool, Cameratool 2.0! This version is scripted by A.Noniem and I take no credits for it. He did a wonderfull job making this tool!

I hope you guys enjoyed today's video, I'm considering making more tutorials, for mapping and such, to show you guys my secrets. Tell me if you're interested :)

If you want me to record anything, contact me on my skype: ZenoSMTA

Download link:

- - - - - - Ingame help menu - - - - - -

Welcome to the cameratool 2.0 help menu!

F2 - Opens the tool

Right mouse button (mouse2) - Show/Hide cursor

How to use it?

The cameratool is currently supporting 3 movement types: linear movement,circulair movement and advanced movement.

Linear movement:

The movement goes from point A to point B, you can select a target, or to select the north/south/east/west point to look at.

It is really easy to use in the play-mode, just click on the Point A button for example, and it automaticly saves your current position, and uses it for the movement.

Circulair movement:

The movement stay's on point A and the camera will rotate around it, you also can select a target.

The other variables will explain themselves.

Advanced movement:

Advanced movement is specially made for people who want to do long camera-movements, for people who want to have more control over their camera shots.

It will take a bit more time to make these camera-shots but it will pay of, for example look at some of my intro's : (

Step 1 : To create a new point press "Add new point" to insert a blank point.

Step 2 : Choose a start and end point by clicking on the point u want to set and press "Set point" to set the coordinates to your current location.

Step 3 : Setting a target is done the same as step 2

Step 4 : Path type, U can choose between a "curved" and a "linear" path. A curved will need a bend point, linear doesn't.

step 5 : Moving path type, With this variable u can how the camera wil move.

step 6 : Other variables are up to u.

Step 5 : Press "Move camera!" to start your path.

HINT : Some variables can be fast choosen by selecting it and scrolling through the options.

HINT 2: Look at ZenoS' tutorial:

HINT 3: Don't change the Z-axe movement too much, your camera wont go smooth if you use big changes. -- Stupid ZenoS and his tutorial :3

Also, checkout the first video:

And ofcourse the latest cameratool video :

Noticing any bugs?

Please report those!

Little fixes when you're bugged:

1: stop the tool

2: use the next commands:

"/restart cameratool"


3: Enjoy your game again!

Currently I've tested the tool in playmode, it works very well with the freeroam gamemode.

I advise you to use ryden's superman resource (donwload: ... ils&id=220) to get the locations!

Thanks to Puma for helping me with this script!

- - - - - - - - - - - -


0:00 Tony Romera - Hey Bean

3:30 The Mountains - The Mountains (Mike Hawkins Remix)

6:50 Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp

11:40 Audien feat. Ruby Prophet - Circles

15:50 Virtual Riot - Sugar Rush (Barely Alive Remix)

19:44 Maduk - Believe (Ft. Hebe Vrijhof)

23:43 K-391 ft. Cory Friesenhan - Dream of Something Sweet

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Please redownload, there are some small updates, such as better Z-difference shiz

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