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Help Can't find mta.scm

Guest alex_2004

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Hi, i'm having a stupid problem over here.

I have crated a server to play with my friends under LAN here in my home. I have already started MTA Server and MTA server config tool.

Now on MTA:VC prog i see my friends names, ping etc...

I click on Start Game and...

ERROR: 'data\mta.scm' could not be located.

Please reinstall MTA or specify the proper Game Path (MTAClient.exe -resetgamepath / Reset Game Path Button.

Help me solving this problem and explain to me what to do after its solved.

One more thing, i have that files mta.scm and mtas.scm on C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data so i dont understand why is it doing this

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