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Starting a New server.

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Hello guys,

Well, I ain't new or newbie in MTA neither in hosting game servers. Today, I thought to open my own MTA server with help of some professionals... To be honest, I need help to create it. Also, in the last 5 month I spent my money on Minecraft so I need some help in hosting as well... The server won't be a fail or something like 10 minute server, I guarantee that. This server will have a mixed gamemode -- RPG + CnR/MW. Yeah, you may think that here comes another server who will try to compete with CIT, SAUR, CSG or some other new ones. But I've all new ideas which MTA had never thought of before. Once the server will get running you won't easily leave it. In the development mode of scripts here are some of those things which are needed.

-- Scripter ( Who have patient and dedication to script something new, scripting won't be easy and who'd work seriously )

-- Forum Maintainer ( Generally after we announce it )

-- Someone who have excellent knowledge of MySQL/SQLite ( For database purpose )

-- Any other web programming language expert such as CSS/PHP

What I'd give him/her in return?

-- Server administration team member

-- Scripter / admin status

-- Possibly co-owner of server.

Please, those who got excellent experience of scripting contact me on skype : nilesh.ranjan3


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